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Published: Wednesday 25 September, 2013

unusual gift experiences unusual gift experiences ?Jonathan Schwarz

My family and friends dont feel powerful because none of us is Rupert Murdoch. But on any rational scale--comparative or historical--we have enormous freedom and resources. Have we utilized even 5% of these? No. Thats because we dont truly believe people in other countries are as real as we are. Weve also failed to imagine the likely consequences to ourselves from our inaction. This is particularly distasteful because were living in the first time in history when non-saintly humans can figure this stuff out, if they want to. Clearly we dont want to. We suck.

It is so gratifying to finally hear the truth. No, not about the United States, or the President or the American people sucking. I dont believe these things are true. Rather to have a progressive actually admit the contempt in which the movement and its champions hold their country and its inhabitants. Not until the elites-- the truly superior among us--are permitted the absolute rule which is their birthright, will the nation and the world be back on track, the thinking seems to go. Only when Rush and all opposition is silenced; when tax rates are back at 70% or more; when members of the military are not permitted to vote; when all citizens are made to be dependent upon Big Brother and only when no one is allowed to do, say, think or believe anything not approved by some Ministry of Proper Behavior will the US once again be beloved by the world.

Well, heres to the rest of the world continuing its jealousy and resultant hatred and heres to the folks in flyover country, continuing to stumble along through our unimportant little lives. They are certainly preferable to the death, destruction and abysmal failure seen in every nation which has placed its future in the tender and caring hands of the left. unusual gift experiences


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