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Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

personalised gifts personalised gifts ?Latest Trend Of Designer Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are the great solution to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Invention of the sunglasses was for a solo purpose of protecting the eyes; however, today designer sunglasses have been used as one the fashion symbol. Market is flooded with so many different brands of sunglasses, but the designer brands are some of the most popular.

Usually, celebrities help these kinds of accessories become famous by using them to conceal their identities or as fashion statements. Everyone has their own preferences and favorites, but here are some of the top designer sunglasses: Blinde, Face a Face, Lindberg, Mykita, Chrome Hearts and Vue DC.

Blinde eyewear: Blindes vintage style sunglass collection is a fusion of technology and fashion. The Blinde eyewear has been developed with the focus on clean, wearable designs, innovative technology and the finest optical materials. Blinde eyewear is the perfect option for those who set rather than follow the trends.

Face a Face Eyewear: Successive collections of Face a Face Eyewear and sunglasses have brought new directions in style. It stands with all the latest aspects of the sunglasses like Minimalist designs, temples with asymmetrical volumes and multi-facets characterize the latest metals. Face a Face Eyewear and sunglasses collection truly has a strong emphasis on design and sometimes showcases frames resembling the details for construction found on a buildings blueprints.

Lindberg Eyewear: Lindberg eyewear is produced from the perfect, material-titanium. The metal used in its sunglasses is lightweight, flexible and strong. Lindberg Eyewear offers individualized customization options, which can be special ordered in any combination.

Mykita Eyewear: Designer sunglasses made by Mykita are always in style and fit well with the rest of the Mykita Eyewear collection. These 100% UVA and UVB protection sunglasses are decorated with the legendary emblem of medusa that represents the Mykita brand.

Chrome Hearts Eyewear: Chrome Hearts Eyewear is simply the most innovative eyewear on the market. The Chrome Hearts Eyewear collection houses a diverse selection of luxurious and unique style concepts that cater to those who desire the finer things life has to offer. Chrome Hearts sunglasses collection offers a wide range of styles and exhibits the same class since the brands founding.

Vue dc eyewear: Vue dc eyewear style is one of the best selling designer brands, especially with the youth. Vue dc eyewear is designed and hand-made in France. Its vast collection includes a huge range of colors and frames.

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