News; 40th birthday presents

Published: Friday 27 September, 2013

40th birthday presents 40th birthday presents ?Travel the Road

Tim Scott and Will Decker travel to the most remote and dangerous spots of the world to take the Word of God to those who may not otherwise get a chance to hear what Jesus did for us all on the cross for our salvation. They also pray over people which is such a powerful way to bring Jesus into their hearts and heal them in every way. As you watch their show on TBN or Daystar network you can see how God leads them and the Holy Spirit protects them from all the dangers around them, I know God can do all this but it still amazes me seeing these people and places they are led to and the way they have been protected from some serious situations that only God could have helped them through. When they can they buy food and clothing for those most in need and of course Bibles.

-Wills father was in WW2 which He talks about in The Pacific. 40th birthday presents


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