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Published: Wednesday 02 October, 2013

gift days for men gift days for men ?Game 7 Matchup Features Paul Pierce

With the back-and-forth series having come down to a winner-take-all Game 7, each team thinks that it has the key E-ttribute on its side. Paul Pierce and the veteran Celtics hope that experience will be the deciding factor. This isnt the first rodeo for Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen or even Rajon Rondo. On the other bench, Sixers coach Doug Collins is banking on his youthful teams energy. Aside from Elton Brand, the key contributors are young and should have little trouble bouncing back for another game.

The 76ers forced this decisive contest with a 82-75 win in Philly in front of delirious home crowd, stirred both by the appearance of Allen Iverson and the fact that Garnett had labeled them as fair weather fans. Can the Sixers win two in a row? Or will Bostons home crowd see that they defend home court.

This week, the 2012 election season finally got to pig out on an empty-calorie feeding frenzy, in which everyone in the media pretended to have some sort of lofty conversation about the role of private equity in society while actually reminding everyone else that political elites are completely removed from the real-life stakes of the lives of normal Americans. It made for a great show, though! Pundits screwed on their super-serious faces and reporters faked thoughtfulness and everyone who was pretending to know something about the subject did a fine job of acting like they were doing something interesting. But lets face it: The only reason anyone was talking about private equity was because somewhere, some surrogate had gone off message, and suddenly there was catnip everywhere!

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HuffPost High School welcomes a lively, thoughtful debate in the comment section. The two games of this CELTICS-HEAT series reminded me on why I stopped watching games the involved Lebron. I was so dismayed by how the Wizzards were robbed of the series with the Cavaliers some years ago. Arenas was the better player, but he was continually called for fouls by refs who blatantly favored James.

Now, the same thing is happening with the Celtics! Im not really a Celtic fan - I dislike everything about Boston-- but I cannot feel anything but sympathy for them after the two games in this play-off with the HEAT. They were robbed! And, I think there must be something going on behind closed doors between Lebron and some of those refs!

Without Bradley to guard Wade, poor Ray is going to have the ice machine working overtime in this series. When you have to play both sides of the ball, it wears you out all the more and Rays physical condition isnt too far removed from Mike Millers. A pure jump shooter begins clanking them off the rim when theyre physically beat and Ray had a god-awful series against Philly.

This is going to be one tough road for Boston. If by some miracle, they get past Miami, its quite possible they could either be swept or lose in five to either OKC or San Antonio. gift days for men


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