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Published: Monday 26 August, 2013

buy gift buy gift ?Best Aunt Christmas Gift Ideas 2012

Savvy Auntie: Ultimate Guide for Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmother, and All Women Who Love Kids, by Melanie Notkin is a good read for any aunt, even one who has been around the block a few times. It has a lot of great tips for caring for a newborn since she will probably be around to help with the new family addition.

I like that the book includes information on child development as well which makes it an education read, instead of just an opinionated one. Everything is covered from baby showers, birthdays, bigger kids and how to deal with meltdowns. Aunts that dont have kids of their own often dont know what is appropriate or not; a 6 month old baby probably wont be thrilled with a xylophone.

Give her something that will honor her place in the family and make her feel beautiful all at the same time. This Special Aunt Love Expressively Yours Bracelet is a very nice addition to her jewelry box. She will love showing it to her friends and proudly wearing a badge of honor.

This bracelet features silver beads with flat pieces that are stamped with the words, Special, Aunt, and Love. The clasp has a heart shaped charm that dangles with the word Aunt on it. There are light blue beads that give it some color and fun as well. It is 8 long. It comes in a cute box with a bow so there will be no wrapping needed. Inside, under the bracelet is a darling little poem that will warm her heart.

This gift is also very affordable for young nieces and nephews to give. You could also consider pairing this bracelet with some modest earrings to match.

If your aunt is a woman on the go, or if she often comes over to babysit, consider getting her this Mud Pie Canvas Monogram Tote Bag. This bag comes with the letter A on it, maybe for Aunt? If you want to get one with the first letter of her first name, the manufacturer has others to get as well.

Tote bags are very nice to have on hand and depending on your aunts hobbies or occupation, she may really appreciate having it. This bag is cute and modern without any overly girly frills. It really can be enjoyed by any personality. It is made with black and white canvas with an embroidered letter instead of just a silk screen or print.

The handles are very sturdy and can withstand a lot of weight in the bag. The entire thing measures 19 x 17. The size is just right for overnight items, a laptop case, or for anything else that you can dream up to put in it.

If your aunt is a gardener, this adorable Apollo Precision Tools Garden Kit will make not only a useful gift, but a fashionable one. This 7 piece kit includes hand tools for digging, bulb planting, weeding and pruning with a 12 narrow trowel, 12 trowel, 12 rake, 16 x 8 knee pad, 8 pruning shears, apron and gloves. The handles of the tools and the edging on the apron are pink for a feminine feel.

You can feel good making this purchase as well because a portion of each goes to help fund breast cancer research and awareness. The tools in this kit are probably not the most heavy duty but they are very useful for potting and light gardening or flower gardens.

I love the knee pad and have found it to be very soft and supportive; it works very well when spending lots of time kneeling in the dirt and keeps your knees clean too. The apron features handy pockets for whatever she might need to access while in the garden. The fabric it is made out of is quite sturdy as well.

Perhaps your aunt loves to read and she shares your interest in romance novels. If this is the case, then giving her this book, The Gift by Julie Garwood is sure to become a favorite on her nightstand.

Set in 1802, the story follows Sara Winchester and Nathan St. James. Their families feud but Sara has little interest in that and awaits him patiently to claim her heart since the King arranged a marriage between them when he was 14 years old and she only 4. She is sweet and innocent so Nathan finds her absolutely charming. Although she is demure, she is also defiant at times and gives him a run for his money aboard his ship, The Seahawk. She has gone out of her way to win his heart. She also does not know that Nathan has a past as a notorious pirate on the high seas. When they return to England, a plot to keep them apart tests their love to the point of almost breaking it. The conspiracy gives them a chance to discover the true path that their passion will take. buy gift


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