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Published: Sunday 30 June, 2013

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Nice morganite ring, Bella. Huge cushion.

I got my morganite bracelet in vermeil from ShopNBC--125-713. The clasp does not catch at all. I dont know why they would send it to me. It looked like it had been returned before---no tags on it. There are safety catches, but I dont want to rely on just those for keeping it closed.

KTV sent me a survey to fill out about the Platinum Rewards program. I filled it out, and anywhere you could type words, I mentioned that Platinum members should get 20% or higher coupons EVERY MONTH. If you all get one of those surveys, fill them out and tell them the same thing.

Check out item 128-820 at ShopNBC. Its the mystic topaz tennis necklace. Its the same price I paid around Thanksgiving, and its a steal. Over 42 carats of mystic in the shortest necklace that goes all the way around the neck in your choice of metal color and length. They will sell out once they show it this afternoon, so scoop it now. I have the vermeil in the 20 inch, and its really nice. The white gold sold out before they could show it. I really like mine and have been wearing it every day since I got it. They sure arent getting any bigger pieces in the 14K moissanite unless its something someone returned.

I cant believe we havent gotten a better coupon than those $15 ones. Big deal. Half of is used up in the shipping.

BELLA do you know when the next Charles Winston show is supposed to be on? Isnt he going to have a pink heart for valentines day?


I bet it is a while before they restock our ring again. Looks like Misty and Nikki missed out again. Misty said she had been trying to get the WG since Christmas a year ago and it always sells out.

I believe Charles was due back the first week of February. I would assume he would send someone in his place to do the shows. There would surely be a market for more.

I am sure you will enjoy that beautiful mystic topaz jewelry. Remember when JTV had the Gems TV closeouts and had all that gorgeous various colors of mystic topaz jewelry in gold?:-

Bella, I did get the sunset/twilight topaz ring and pendant in gold and also a mercury mist in a pendant. I loved those GemsTV closeouts. I wish I had bought so much more. Those were nice quality pieces. Since watching Chuck on ShopNBC, I have a lot more colors in those topazes in gold stud earrings. As long as I dont pay a lot per carat, I dont mind that they are coated stones. They are pretty. buy a gift promotional code


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