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Published: Thursday 11 July, 2013

buy gifts online buy gifts online ?Charm Bracelets That Will Have You Reaching For Your Jewelry Box PHOTOS

When I was younger my parents gave me a gold charm bracelet for my birthday. There was a single round disk on the piece, and I was meant to engrave something special on it, which I never did. Although pretty, I stuck it in my jewelry box and rarely thought about it again.

Recently I pulled it out and started layering it with other bracelets to achieve that oh-so-popular arm party look. But the more that I look at it, the more I realize what an opportunity I literally have on my hands. a teeny-tiny Escalade, perhaps?. Really, I could add just about anything to this personalized piece.

Charm bracelets dont have to be expensive: cute plastic or enamel versions are just as fun. And best of all, they are a statement enough that you can wear them alone, but they arent overly heavy, so theres no risk of a sweaty wrist. buy gifts online


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