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Published: Wednesday 25 September, 2013

online gift vouchers for men online gift vouchers for men ?reconnect with the 60s peace movement

As winter ends, Occupy Wall Street OWS and other protests are starting anew much like the protests for peace that accompanied the political conventions of the 1968 presidential campaign. At the heart of most peoples memories of the movement was the upside down letter y in the middle of a circle - better known as the peace sign!

Although the symbol of peace has never died it is now making a comeback at retail, perhaps because of OWS or the general disapproval of the politicians in Washington.

The GoldBox is Amazons answer to Kmarts Blue Light specials. From the 1960s through early 1980s Kmart allowed stores to run 15 minute unannounced specials at deep discounts. The specials returned briefly in 2001, but instead of stores having the autonomy to create their own specials, all items and pricing were selected behind closed doors at Kmarts headquarters at Coolidge and Big Beaver in Troy, Michigan, a Detroit suburb.

With the money you save you may want to really get into the 60s by hoping onto a Delta jet at Detroit Metro and heading off to San Francisco for the full hippy experience. online gift vouchers for men


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