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Published: Friday 20 September, 2013

gift gift ?Earrings Can Express Your Personal Style

A lot of us like to play with our looks by hanging jewelry off of our ears in the interest of beauty and identity. The tradition of ear adornment extends back thousands of years and includes a wide range of civilizations. Warriors used plugs to enhance their fierceness and women donned golden hoops to enhance their desirability. Sailors dressed in earrings to indicate that they survived a ship wreck and some men and women just wore the jewelry because they liked the way it looked.

Just like a Christmas tree with its ornaments, our ears need something to accentuate their desirable features. Bone, plastic, wood as well as precious stones can be hung off the ear or pierced through the actual cartilage of our outer ear. If someone doesnt really want a piercing but likes the look of the studs or plugs then they can have a look at fake ear piercing. Absolutely no need to worry about how you can cover up for work simply because when finished with them simply take off the glued-on stud or plug.

Outlining the ear can create a nice style statement. One particular technique of piercing encircles the outside of the ear with multiple hoops, loops and studs. This style of piercing creates a lacy metallic border effect that compliments the contour of ones ear. Some individuals will put in tiny size pearls that go up the ear lobe and outline the cartilage lining the basic ear. This option of piercing creates a sophisticated statement of fashion.

Clip-on earrings are usually clipped to the ear with screws or clips without poking holes in the skin. Ear cuffs are a really easy method to outline the ear without the need of actually piercing the ear. One such cuff has recently been witnessed in the shape of a long, tiny lizard that draped itself across the upper tip of the ear and curled around the edge of the lobe. The lizard appeared so real that the wearer had men and women asking exactly how she could wear such a creature on her ear.

Youll find as many types of earrings as there are men and women who want to use them. The large hoops coming from the hippie days, which made good kitten and baby toys, can even now be found hanging around as a style statement. Current day industrial type piercing dangles a bar through the upper cartridge of the outer ear.

Of course there are even now the clip-on types from the past that are easy to utilize and do not call for any piercings. You may cover your ears in piercings or only have a single pair of earrings hanging from your ears; no matter what you select, youll be able to make any fashion statement.

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